Rice Water for Shiny Hair


I just heard about a trick which I wanted to try about rice water. It was said that you can use the water which is left over after boiling rice can be used as a hair conditioner to make your hair more shiny. I mean you hear stuff like this all the time and when you try it, it doesn’t really work or the ‘beauty recipes’ take ages to prepare and time to work. But this one was surprisingly working awesome and so easy!


I tried it with the water of black rice though, because it was having this nice dark brown colour which I though would maybe underline the brown colour of my hair.
So after normal shampooing and hair washing I rinsed all my hair with the water – without rinsing afterwards. The only thing which was a bit of a mess was the brown water, so I used a dark towel to dry the hair. I just let it dry like that and was amazed by the result! My hair was super shiny and smooth and looked really healthy! It was lasting until the next hair washing and the hair was not getting greasy as fast as usual. Here is the prove:



One thought on “Rice Water for Shiny Hair

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