What I learned from Tomislav Perko

Two days ago I went to see a talk of Tomislav Perko. It was about how to travel the world with almost no money. Why did I go to have a listen? Because I would like to be one of those people who are able to travel so spontaneously without any requirements. When I travel, I usually plan the whole trip before or at least, I try to have some plan, like where I’m going to sleep, which cities and sights I am going to visit, which friends I am going to meet and so on. But usually, the travels where I planned least turned out to be the best ones. You meet people from all over the world, you see places you would never have found by yourself (because you met somebody somewhere who knew somebody who recommended you this really hidden little place that only a few people know…) and you get to know the world like this much better than staying in an all-in hotel and spending all your holiday just lying at the beach. So basically I wanted to get some inspiration about how to be a more spontaneous traveller.

Tomislav started talking about all the countries he visited and all the adventures he made and people he met and also a lot about how to manage travelling on a low budget but the most interesting part for me was when he started about moving from one country to the next one. People would always be really suspicious about other countries than their own, even if it is their neighbour country. Instead of having a positive attitude towards the neighbours, he received warnings and was told to take care in the moment of crossing the border. But what he experienced was always just more hospitable and friendly people in every country who received him warmly and where in the end he got all his stories from.

I think we are way too influenced about the news and things we hear from other people. The news barely ever show positive things about other countries and we get the worst impressions of the rest of the world. We get afraid to travel, because what if? What if we get kidnapped, ,or what if somebody robbed us, what if a tornado hits us or a toxic animal bites us, what if we meet unfriendly people or people will not host us? What if somebody might actually just want to kill us? In the end we can’t tell before we go and see what happens because this is the only way we can build our own unaffected opinion. If you don’t really know how the other country is like, stop spreading negative information about it! Just go and make your own picture of it and then you can still change your mind. I think we should stop living with all those prejudices and be more open-minded and with a childlike curiosity for the world. Tomislav was brave enough to quit this initial afraid and all the gifts he received for crossing this inner border he will be able to tell you by himself!

Thanks for the inspiration Tomislav!




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