Scandinavian Diner: Bread with Smoked Trout and Berries


Today I want to show you a quick and healthy meal when I feel like eating something savoury…

The combination of fish or meat and berries is very popular in Scandinavia and my Swedish grandmother inspired me to try out swedish recipes as we share the same taste. I love the sweet taste of the berries mixed with the salty fish. The fish which taste best for this in my opinion would be trout or mackerel. The most common berries to use for this recipe are cranberries (Preiselbeeren), although I couldnt find the right English expression (as cranberries are not the same as Preiselbeeren). Anyway cranberries should fit as well. You can also use other pickled berries (or berry marmalade) which are more acid like currant or blackberry, they also fit.

Trouts also contain a lot of proteins, a lot of vitamins (vitamin B1, B2, B6, C, A and E) and omega-3-fatty-acids and are at the same time low in fat. Mackerels contain more fat (healthy fat!!) and are rich in vitamin B12.  As I don’t eat meat, these kind of fats are really important so it’s also good to eat some fatty fish sometimes.

Smaklig måltid!




1 whole grain bread roll (or any other kind of whole grain bread you like)

1 filet of smoked and peppered trout/mackerel

cream cheese

pickled berries  (‘cranberry’ or currant) or marmalade

cress for garnishing



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