shades of nude…HOW TO DO NUDE STUDYS

Nude drawings are one of my favourite things to draw. Just following the lines and curves of the human body without any judgement. I’ve been going to nude drawing classes since a while now and yes, it really DOES get better because with the time you get an eye for the proportions. Most important is again that you don’t focus too much on WHAT you are drawing, let’s say if you try to draw the arm of a person, don’t think ‘Ok, I’m gonna draw her arm now’ because this will already affect the way you will draw the arm as your mind already has an image ready  of how an ‘arm’ usually looks like. This image won’t help you. Just try to watch and draw exactly what you see. When I draw, sometimes I even forget which part I’m drawing.

When I started, I was just using charcoal on plain drawing paper (the brown one which looks like recycling paper..). As the poses of the models are usually not that long (around 2-5 minutes) it is important to get the outer shape fast. Try not to get lost in tiny details. Charcoal is in that way quite useful, as the line can be strong and thick or at the same time more thin and fine and you can simply wipe it away if you made a mistake. Of course you can use a different kind of paper of different pens (or even liquid colours) if you want to.

If there are other things which matter like a chair or certain accessories, just outline them really fine. The body is more important. Also notice that it is the pose you want to catch, therefore things like the face or the haircut are not that important and can be outlined more rough.


Also dare to draw weird positions. Keep an eye on the shortenings of the body. Parts of the body which are close to you (let’s say the feet) are drawn really big (most of the times you draw them to small).

You don’t necessarily need to draw the complete position/person. You can also try to concentrate on just a certain part which you want to draw and cut the sides of your paper. Drawings like this can look really interesting as well.

One last hint: try not to use a rubber. Just overdraw the lines which you think are not right or restart. Nude drawing IS a bit of a mess 😉

And most important of all: have fun! 🙂


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