macramé bracelets

So my boyfriend who visited me some time ago brought me all these beautiful stones and strings from Mexico and taught me how to do macramé – an Indian knotting technique. The nicest thing was that he gave them to me in form of an advent calender so each day before Christmas I had a different kind of gem stone or a coloured string wrapped in my calender which delights me every year again like a little child.

My first try I didn’t dare to take a precious gem yet, so I just started with a glass stone.


In my second try I learned how to add strings of a different colour, so I didn’t take a real stone either. This one is just a simple one made of plastic.


This time the real deal: my first macramé bracelet with a real gem! It turned out a little hard to fix the stone in the strings so it doesn’t pop out while wearing it, but all in all it went pretty good and I was even able to combine all of the patterns I learned in my own order. I also added an easier closing technique where you can simply pull the end strings to close the bracelet (because before I was finding it a little hard to close the bracelet by myself with a knot). The result: tadaa!


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