how to be happy

Yesterday I was watching a documentary called ‘Happy’.

The documentary is about one of the main goals in life: Being happy.
But what most people don’t know is that you can’t GET happy. Happiness appears automatically when you are just yourself and do what you love! This is what really makes you happy. The assumption that money can make you happy is a wrong one. In a certain way, money can give us support and give us a certain standard of life, but it doesn’t bring you happiness. People search for happiness everywhere during all of their life, trying to find it in other people, in materialist things and in places. But often they seem to forget to look in the most easiest and obvious place, yet the hardest place to really take a closer look into: Happiness lies dormant in ourselves. We just need to have the courage to deal with ourselves and take the step to realise what we find inside of us. Because if we really want something, we can always reach it. It just may take time, patience and an effort, but it’s not impossible! If somebody truly finds the purpose of his/her life, it doesn’t need anything else any more than living him-/herself. The happiest people on earth are definitely not the richest. This documentary shows examples, where people who are living under really hard conditions with almost no money are still being happy – it’s all about the attitude!
Everybody can change this  because everyone is capable of changing himself in the way we want to change.
So take this step and find out who you really are and what you really love to do. The sooner you start, the sooner you are going to find happiness! There might be obstacles, but none of them is insurmountable, so isn’t this an information that gives us enough motivation? Especially if what we are going to win is one of the most mentioned life-aims! Forget everything what just fakes happiness and stop running after it and start searching. Notice the moments which make you happy. These are the things which show you who you really are and the more positive things you do, the more positive things you will attract…


One thought on “how to be happy

  1. yes, I just watch the documentary is very powerful, motivate me to fight and go for this what my soul really wants.
    I also share this:


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