A bit ago we had a class about realistic painting in school. Fist we bit an apple which we had to draw afterwards without using the colours black and white. When I started the task I got totally frustrated, my picture didn’t seem to look like an apple at all, just a muddle of colours which didn’t seem to fit together. My docent kept on reminding me to focus more on the relation between the colours than on the colours itself. At which point is the brightest/darkest part of the apple? With this hint I continued painting until I even forgot what I was actually painting. And this was the trick. Because our mind always has an inner picture of the object and when we start painting we are not painting the object without any influence and this is what changes our picture.
Once we stopped painting, I needed a break, I was frustrated that my picture didn’t look good at all when suddenly a fellow student held up my painting and told me that it didn’t look that bad. Sitting a bit away from her, I saw the picture with more distance and it suddenly really looked similar to the apple that I intended to paint! I was really enthusiastic about the result and think I learned a lot in this class…

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